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My birthday is approaching and, in lieu of any gifts, I am asking for donations to the Amyloidosis Research Fund.

In April 2020 my entire family was devastated by the loss of my mum, Dot Hampton. Her death has left a massive gap in all our lives, and the pain and grief are still very real, nearly five months later.

Robert with his Mum

Although it was COVID-19 that ultimately caused her death, a contributing factor was her underlying condition of amyloidosis, which had only been diagnosed a few months earlier.

Amyloidosis is a rare condition and is often not diagnosed until it has already caused significant damage. The Royal Free Hospital in London is the only centre in the UK that specialises in treatment – Mum was referred there but was too ill to travel before lockdown was imposed.

By contributing to research, I hope that others will not have to endure this disease like my mum did.

Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused by damaging build up of abnormal protein fibres, called amyloid, within the tissues and organs. Amyloidosis can affect any part of the body and lead to life threatening organ failure. It causes the death of about one person in every thousand and there are about 6,000 cases in the UK at any time. The Amyloidosis Research Fund within the Royal Free Charity supports the research, development and patients of the UK NHS National Amyloidosis Centre (NAC) at the Royal Free Hospital. The Centre, established in 1999, is funded directly by NHS Specialised Services to provide diagnostic and management advisory services for all UK amyloidosis patients.

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