Tweety Seventeen

As the end of 2017 approaches, my general feeling has been that the year has been unbearably shit. The news has been dominated by terrorism, tragedy, and the feeling that the worst people in the world are currently running things.

In need of some light relief, I dug through my Twitter archive from the past year, and unearthed a collection of the good things that happened to me. So, as an antidote to all the awfulness that seemed to be everywhere this year, here is my year in Tweets.

In 2017, I enjoyed occasional silliness on Countdown.

…celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

…had a lovely weekend in Brighton with my friends
Mark and Peter, and their cats.

…voted in the Liverpool Mayoral Election for all the wrong reasons.

…watched (and gently mocked) Eurovision.

…laughed EXTREMELY hard at the General Election result.

…got a cake from Merseyrail.

…quoted actors out of context.

.thoroughly enjoyed the BBC’s Gay Britannia season.

…tried to pass myself off as a Tom of Finland model:

…went to Liverpool Pride and purchased this calendar:

…had fun using GIFs and being very professional in the office.

…moved back in with my parents, and reconnected with the cat.

…got an unexpected birthday surprises:

…caught up with friends I hadn’t seen for ages, including @linguistinrehab and @Chris__Herron.

…met the prolific blogger @diamondgeezer for a day out in Liverpool.

…finished my Open University course, and treated myself with a relaxing hot bath with a lovely bath bomb.

…had a lovely day in Stratford-upon-Avon.

…rode on a tram in Birkenhead:

…laughed EXTREMELY hard at the Conservative Party Conference.

…went to Coventry to see some rusty trains in a field.

…had my doubts about the vocabulary of Words With Friends.

…explored the new LGBT exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool.

…got my digital copy of Pete Wylie’s new album emailed to me.

…passed my final Open University module and earned my degree:

…cemented my gay credentials on a cultural night out:

…was upset by an egg:

…found a new series to binge-watch, and a new man to crush on.

…saw an old school friend after a seventeen year gap.

2018 promises to be another difficult year in the wider world, but I am determined that whatever shitty events happen globally, I will continue to make progress in my personal life.

That’s assuming we don’t all get nuked, of course. Happy New Year everyone!