The Shrine on Lord Street

I was rightly told off for posting this on Twitter, because it contained spoilers for Killing Eve. It was an honest mistake – I thought the series had finished, but it actually has one episode to go if you are watching weekly on linear TV.

So, if you have NOT finished watching the series, or are waiting for the final episode to be shown on BBC One rather than binging on iPlayer, STOP READING NOW!


The BBC’s marketing department has converted part of the former Debenhams store in Liverpool ONE into a temporary advert for Killing Eve on iPlayer, showcasing some outfits and iconic moments from the series (I assume – I don’t actually watch Killing Eve).

View of former Liverpool Debenhams store, with the shop windows converted into an advert for Killing Eve

Walking past on my lunch break this afternoon, something caught my eye. A pile of flowers, posters and balloons stacked up against the wall, next to the window displays.

Curiosity piqued, I crossed over. Was this yet another tragic tribute to someone whose life was cruelly cut short, examples of which are regrettably too common in the city streets?

Not quite.

Flowers, balloons and homemade posters underneath an ad for BBC iPlayer promising "All four iconic seasons"

Yes, there are heartfelt tributes, balloons, flowers and homemade posters, just as you might expect. But these are for Villanelle Ostankova, the fictional character portrayed by Jodie Comer in the TV series, who met an unfortunate end in the series finale.

Card reading "RIP Babes, cheers for being a queer icon even if you did go for a swim at the end. PS Laura (ILLEGIBLE)'s Mum sells Avon"

It’s easy to sneer at outpourings of grief like this, but I think congratulations are in order to the writers, actors and everyone else involved in Killing Eve, for creating a show and character that has clearly had an effect on so many people. (qv. Ianto’s shrine in Cardiff)

Homemade poster with a picture of Jodie Comer as Villanelle with the text "R.I.P. Villanelle <3 #fuckLauraNeal"

Oh, and Twitter, maybe instead of fannying around with an edit button, you could add spoiler tags, to avoid this sort of faux pas in the future.